Google: The Google logo is actually an example of a pretty poor use of color. Although the use of primary colors– red, blue and yellow, makes the logo high in contrast, the random green “L” looks out of place. Furthermore, there are way too many effects! The letters are 3D, with a drop shadow, but in a very very boring and cliche typeface. The colors in this case make the logo seem childish and unsophisticated, which does not align with Googles image.

Sierra Mist: Recently, the Pepsi company changed the Sierra Mist logo– most notably they changed the colors. The previous logo had both royal blue and forest green, two colors which are too similar on the color wheel. The old logo was visually unappealing. However, by creating new variations within the color green, and adding accents of yellow the new logo reflects the freshness of the beverage as well as caters to the new “natural” appeal.  The use of color in this logo is clean and simple– limiting the color palette to shades and variations of green and yellow.

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