i think that the Live Aid logo is inspiring in its design and color. Its use of gestalt is great; the continuation of the guitar neck travels down to the base (the silhouette of Africa), and the isomorphic correspondence of the two images create an understanding of its message. More importantly, I feel the contrast of yellow and black is important in conveying the message and purpose of Live Aid. The yellow represents celebration and cheer, while the black portrays the power of unity and resilience.

I think that the new mapquest logo is a huge downgrade from its original. First of all, the typeface not very modern, and it fails to represent a strong message for its company. Furthermore, I feel that the use of color is not cohesive in representation (although I can understand how the green is used to portray safety and nature). I don’t think that the purple was an excellent choice to contrast with the green. Also, I feel as though the smaller mQ could have been designed more creatively with the full name of the company.


-Alyson Nagle

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