Good and Bad Logos with Color

The use of color in this logo has always been interesting to me. I think that the colored tails of the peacock symbolize the color television motif associated with a television network. I like how the colors suggest all of the colors of the rainbow (or television) without placing the colors in order (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple). The mix-matched order makes the peacock unique. I think the color of the peacock also helps the black text of NBC stand out. The logo is recognizable and attention-grabbing while the text is bold (figuratively) and contradictory to the colors above it.

The Google Chrome logo never made sense to me. I understand that is is utilizing the Google colors for its logo. However, I still don’t know what the logo is supposed to be. The tri-colored outer shell and the blue inner circle don’t scream internet browser. If anything, the colors are confusing choices. Since I know that the logo is for Google, the colors make sense. However, if I didn’t know what this logo was, the color choices are so generic that I would not know what this logo was for. I also think the logo is too busy. If it was sitting on my dock on my computer, I would find it distracting and annoying. It is an attention-getting logo, no doubt about that. However, it is supposed to be sitting on a dock, so for that I find the color use to bright and just too much.

-Jackie Dickson

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