use of color in logos

I am not a fan of the new itunes logo. I think the gradient looks cheap. I liked the use of the rainbow of colors in the old logo because it reminded me of the old mac logo. The single music note is overused, in my opinion, and I have no association with this shade of blue and apple. The way the outline fade from black to white makes the image look incomplete. Hopefully the brands next stab at reinventing its logo will be more successful. 

I really like the Rolling Stone logo. I think the use of red gets across the idea that the brand is bold. The image is playful, daring, and attention getting. The red grabs the eye and the image sends a message. I think the color can also be interpreted as a warning because Rolling Stone likes to push the envelope. The logo works even without any words. The red is also a very Americana shade. It evokes images of Bruce Springsteen and Chevrolet.


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