Logo and Colors

I think the McDonalds logo is a good example of colors that work. Even though, they might not be the most visually appealing colors, red and yellow are colors that definitely stand out. Also, red and yellow immediately make me think of ketchup and mustard which ties in very well to the McDonalds product. The red background on the logo also allows the yellow M to stand out, which creates an almost two-layered logo. The logo is very effective because the colors make it stand out and make it very distinctive.

Although Shell gas station uses the same colors as McDonalds, it is not as effective. The red and yellow have no ties to what Shell does or a literal shell. Even though the logo stands out, I don’t think it uses colors wisely. When I think of the word shell, I think of beachy, earth tones and I think that would be more appropriate. I think whoever made this logo wanted it to stand out more than anything but I think the colors could be changed and it’d still stand out.


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