Logo and Color

The logo I thing uses massive amounts of color in an appropriate way  is Smackers. Designed as makeup for young girls, it uses color to display fun and youth. It is neat and recognizable. I used to love collecting all the different flavors of chapstick and the logo helps represent the diverse products, scents, and flavors that the brand provides. The hierarchy of the big Smackers leads your eyes from each letter (left to right) and then down to the motto “All the flavor of being a girl.”


Ever since I was a little girl driving in the passenger seat of my dads beat up BMW, I just never could get over my initial disdain for this logo. While I think they make great cars (my dad still owns his and its older than me!), the logo just doesn’t make any sense. I don’t see the correlation between it and cars. When researching the story behind the logo, I still didn’t really like it. The use of color doesn’t help for me and while there is hierarchy and organization, this logo and the colors need an upgrade. While this logo may be timeless, it’s just not on my good list.
-Alyssa Miron
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