Apple Logo

While in the Newhouse Lab, I counted a total of fifteen logos. My favorite logo was actually on the computer that I’m blogging from; the apple logo. What is particularly appealing about this logo is its history and evolution. In its origin, Macintosh was a new, simple, yet somewhat unappealing brand, and its logo definitely reflected that. Although minimalistic, the logo said nothing about the brand character, or the product benefits. As the brand ripened into the 1980s and 1990s with the well-known “1984” ad, Apple’s logo similarly evolved into the well-known rainbow Apple. Here, the logo reflects the brand’s attempt at differentiating itself in a crowded marketplace. The logo is screaming, “we are different”, which helped the brand distinguish itself from PCs. Finally, the most updated logo is simplistic, minimalistic, yet still communicates the brand philosophy. The apple is chrome, which tells the consumer that Apple’s computers are of the highest standard of technology, and quality and are cutting edge.


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