I really like this word mark because the typeface mimics the circular nature of the cereal.  Also the typeface is thin and give it a airy feeling to it and that’s the way they market their cereal as a healthy and light food.  Also I like that the background is yellow because yellow is known to be a cheerful color which works well with the name “cheerios.”


I also like the ebay word mark.  You can find anything and everything on ebay and the word mark goes with that notion as the letters look like they were thrown together from different places.  The colors and position of the letters make it a word mark that almost everyone recognizes.


I do not like the Family Dollar word mark.  The way some of the letters overlap each other but then some don’t is not visually appealing.  Additionally, the colors chosen are kind of drab and don’t pop out to the eye.  The color mixed with the typeface give off an old vibe.


Katie Bresnahan

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