I personally feel that the “SEX AND THE CITY” wordmark was done really well. The typography is bold and has serifs that make the “sex” and the “city” really pop out to the audience. The inside of the letters has pink, sparkles, and shine which all attribute to the girly theme of Sex and the City.









I think that the “Johnson’s Baby Lotion” wordmark was the perfect fit for this bottle. The script typography was a smart idea because it goes along with the idea that Johnson’s Baby Lotion leaves you feeling soft–just like a baby! The color choice of blue stands out well on the pink bottle and helps sell the bottle for a baby boy or girl.






I really don’t love the “Colgate” wordmark–especially on this toothpaste product. While the “Colgate” is a larger font size than the “Total Plus Whitening”, my eyes have a hard time focusing in on the “Colgate” at first glance (which is what I assume the graphic designers wanted you to do). I also don’t like how the “Colgate” is italicized and very bold. I think that the graphic designer could have used a typography that was more interesting.




-Jillian Marom

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