The wordmarks that I feel are very successful are from IKEA and Tropicana. I really like the simplicity of IKEA’s logo but at the same time, it’s blue and yellow background is very eye catching. IKEA’s typeface is also very modern, bold, and yet simple. I think these qualities are very consistent with IKEA’s image since the company is best known for its modern and simple furniture designs. Another wordmark that I feel is very successful is Tropicana’s original wordmark. I really like how easy it is to read the letters in its logo and the green gradient used. The green letters become slightly darker at the bottom and I think this creates a stronger presence for the wordmark. In addition, the dot on the letter i is in the form of an orange leaf which again adds a sense of authenticity to the brand because the company is best known for its orange juice.

Lastly, a really unsuccessful wordmark would be Gap’s most recent attempt to redesign its widely known logo. The attempted newer logo looks very cheap and doesn’t relate to its brand at all. In my opinion, it’s new logo looks more like a logo for a computer software company than a clothing company. I also don’t understand what the purpose of the blue square is for and I also hate the boring typeface used.

-D. Liu

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