The first wordmark that I chose as a successful wordmark was ebay. I like the use of color, which many wordmarks avoid. I think it really works for the brand which is a little hodgepodge and quirky, and does not need something as professional as other companies. I also like the way the letters each look different; the e has been stretched, the b and a are lower case and varying thicknesses and the y is uppercase. They look as if they have come from different fonts perhaps in the same typeface. Ultimately they all fit together, even though you might not expect them too. I think this says communicates a message from ebay about finding unique things that work, through their website.

Harrods was my choice for second successful workmark. I like how distinctive it is. Many high-end companies choose clean, simple typefaces that convey a sense of elegance. I think Harrods manages to do the same thing, using a contrasting strategy. Their script typeface manages to look expressive and friendly, while conveying that same air of sophistication. I think the wordmark makes you want to check out the store. I also think it has a distinctly European flare which works to the company’s advantage.

I chose at&t’s wordmark as one that I did not like. My first instinct when reading this wordmark is to say “at and t”. Not only is that not the name of the brand, it sounds ridiculous. This wordmark was the brands effort at revitalization (the old one featured uppercase letters). I do not like the choice of typeface. I think one with serifs would have been easier to read. I think the company was trying to look more modern, but in my opinion they ended up looking silly.

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