The first wordmark that represents Smart Water I think works fabulously. There’s something about lower class letters that fit so well for me and always seem very classy and upscale looking. The kerning I think works perfectly between each letter and I like how the typeface evens and thins out between “smart” and “water.” The Disney wordmark is famous and one of a kind.The typeface represents more of a fantasy feel and the script makes it almost feel romanticized. We learned in class how the best typography is the type you don’t realize you are reading. The Disney wordmark is efficient and really encompasses their overall brand. This past summer, I worked for the insurance company AON whose wordmark I think needs a lot of work. Over the summer they began to change the color and try to reformat because it is not catchy, very boring, and very outdated. Also, there’s unnecessary hierarchy here as the A is so much bigger than the O and the N. I think this wordmark is not easy on the eye and I would imagine it could really use a spruce up with the color and overall as well.
– Elizabeth Schoenbach
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