I have always liked the Volkswagen wordmark. I think the way the V is inserted into the center of the W is a creative way of making a wordmark out of the long brand name. The wordmark is very distinguishable and easily recognizable. If you see the blue and the silver circle on a car, you know exactly what car it is. I also like the circle theme. A lot of cars brand have more oval or linear wordmarks. This brand thought of a creative circular pattern that is crisp.

I have also always loved the J. Crew wordmark. It is so simple but in a good way. The clothing for this brand is very elegant and simplistic. I think the wordmark is just that. It embodies the spirit of the company in just five letters (and a period). I also like the touch of a diamond-shaped period. I think its a nice way to make the wordmark a little more interesting and unique.

But I hate the Hood wordmark. The only part about this wordmark that makes sense to me is the white lettering (since Hood is a dairy company). However, I think the oval red circle around the letters is very outdated. Also, the space between the H and the first O is annoying. The other letters touch but these two were separated for an unknown reason.

  1. I think perhaps by joining the “H” to the “o” it could look like “hbood” – the right side of the upper case “H” and the adjacent “o” could look like a lwer case “b” – if you look at the “d” at the end of “Hood” that is how it would appear, only opposite. That’s my guess…

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