This I think is one of the most succesful wordmarks ever. First, the golden arches that make up the M don’t only help spell out the name McDonalds, but they also can stand alone now as the company’s trademark and logo. You see a big curvy yellow M, you know it’s McDonalds. Many of its restaurants now even include the arches in its building’s architecture. More importantly, I think you can also associate the large golden M to the chain’s french fries-they could be two arched over fries.
The PlayStation wordmark is also succesful on a couple levels. The type is a little futuristic, computer-like which obviously fits the profile. And the PS wordmark is in color and 3D, representative of the visualization in video games. The type for the P (not fully closed circle) is cool because it reflects the bottom half of the S a little.
This wordmark I didn’t like very much. When I look at it, nothing shouts “sweet” at me, so there’s really no connections to chocolate or candy or baked goods at all, which I think shouldn’t be too hard to do. Ok for this version, there’s the background in shape of lips (kind of) so that makes up for it, but the wordmark doesn’t appear like that on most products. And what’s with the lines? It’s sans serif font, so extending lines out of it doesn’t come natural. And then you underline it too with a wavy line? I don’t get it.
-Thomas Hautmann
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