I feel that the wordmark on this bottle is fitting for the brand.  Herbal Essence is meant to have a fun, fruity scent and the contrast with the white on the bright colors complements their image.  Also, the typeface used is fun and young as well. This wordmark helps to support the brand’s image.

I feel that this typeface reflects the company well.  Ugg is not meant to be a fashion statement, rather they are meant to be practical boots.  Australia as good spacing that helps to utilize white space and Ugg is large and is the first thing that your eye is drawn to.  The color is gray and simple.

I do not think that this is a good typeface because the letters are uneven.  The two capital letters with the lower cased “i” in between makes the entire image look uneve.  On a positive note, below the logo looks good.  Pens are not too interesting to begin with.

-Allison Richards

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