-Elizabeth Schoenbach

  1. I really admire Liz’s resume. It is so clean cut and professional. I love how simple the wordmark is while still achieving hierarchy and I also enjoy how she incorporated shades of negative. I definitely feel her resume is one that a company would look twice at.

    • Kelly Vesty
    • February 14th, 2011

    I love Elizabeth’s wordmark. I think the change of black gradient as well as size emphasizes the hierarchy of her names. The way that she carries the wordmark throughout the rest of the piece by using the same typeface is very good. I like the second sense of hierarchy she creates by having a bolder font as the section headers then changing it to a regular version. I think the only thing that needs to really be improved is, as we talked about in class, to line up the contact information at the bottom with something, whether it be the wordmark or the gutter that was created.

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