Allison Rube Favorite/Least Favorite Wordmarks

This is my favorite wordmark. I love the Starbucks logo because as soon as anyone sees this image, they immediately associate it with Starbucks. I think the image combined with the wordmark and the color makes it a very distinctive and different logo. I feel as though the wordmark is “owned” by Starbucks. If any other company were to try and use it, I do not feel it would be as successful. -Allison Rube

I have always loved the New York Times wordmark. I read this newspaper every day and the title never fails to catch my eye. I believe the style of this wordmark fits with the “attitude” and “purpose” of the newspaper. In my mind, news makes me think of something basic yet interesting. This idea fits perfectly with the wordmark. Similarly to Starbucks, I believe the New York Times “owns” this wordmark. -Allison Rube


As we discussed in class, Tropicana has come up with a new wordmark for their drinks. I strongly dislike the new logo compared to the previous one. The first one has a strong visual appeal which is the orange with a straw into it. This image gives me the idea that the drink is fresh and pure. I do not believe Tropicana should have taken that image away. I also liked how the first wordmark was dark green and bold, making the drink appear fresh, again. The new Tropicana image does not give me the same feeling. -Allison Rube

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