I really like this word mark because of how it uses color. Baskin Robbins is known for having 31 different flavors of ice cream, and I really liked how they incorporated that into their wordmark by highlighting it in pink. I also like how the number of flavors is fit into the initials of the company, and how the typeface used seems fun and enjoyable.

I never really liked this wordmark until someone pointed out to me that in the middle is two people sharing tostitos chips which I thought was very cool, and something I had not noticed countless times. On top of that I feel like the funky positioning of the letters definitely adds some character to the overall feeling of happiness tostitos is trying to convey.

As much as I enjoy drinking Mr. Pibb, I find this wordmark to be one of the worst in the food industry. I feel like the xtra just simply doesn’t belong with the white typeface that says Pibb. These two words don’t mesh very well together and neither really mixes well with the background, although the white is a bit better than that hideous yellow/gold. I’m not too sure what the designer was going for here, because to me the word Pibb feels like a classic soda font, whereas the xtra tries to add some attitude to the wordmark, but just seems totally out of place.

-Mark Rubino

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