1. I’m absolutely obsessed with the FedEx sign. Maybe its my infatuation with getting packages and presents sent to me, but the simplicity of the logo is deceiving. Most people probably know this by now, but when I was younger (and still to this day) I will point out to people that there is a hiding arrow between the orange E and x. It’s the gestalt principle “figure/ground.”

2. This logo amazes me because its timeless and represents one of the major cities in the world. Its creation in the 1970’s has been one of the most successful marketing campaigns. The improvement of the city’s conditions from the 70’s to the 80’s and present day works in tandem with the logo, representing the strength of NYC. Even people who have never been to NYC recognize it and if you have been there, you’d note every street corner is selling a shirt or bag with this logo on it.

3. Ugh, what have you done? The new Comedy Central logo just gives me a headache. I can see why they thought it would be clever to put a little c inside of a big C, but the upside down CENTRAL? It’s not working for me. Their old one had character and became a familiar image to all tv watchers; the new one just looks like a poorly made copyright symbol.

Old one:(So much better, right?)

-Alyssa Miron

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