good and bad wordmarks







The Coca Cola wordmark is one of the most classic and long-lasting logo of all time. Its red and white color remind people of the coke can and Christmas. and red means happiness. I’ve read in my COM107 class that it was the Coca Cola company that actually made Santa Clause red and white. Also, the curve of letters mimic the flow of water. and the type is similar to the handwriting style during the time the company was established. The wordmark is simply, unique, and it reflects the characteristics of the product.

I also like the wordmark of Mercedes-Benz. The serif typeface shows the classic style of the car. And the gradient color of the words is like the metal texture on the car and it’s the same as the logo on the car. It immediately remind people of what its cars look like.






I don’t like this wordmark of this insurance and financial corporation. It just looks very stiff and boring. The blue in the background is not a good blue either. I don’t know what they want to know about the company through this wordmark, maybe it shows that the company is serious about the business. But I think this wordmark only adds to the negative impression about financial companies.


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