Fashion house all have iconic wordmarks, that appear all over thir maerchandise> I foudn the Marc by march Jacobs and the Diane von Furstenberg wordmarks to be bold, visually appealing reflections of thier brand. the edgy and modern font of the marc by marc Jacobs wordmark directly reflect the clothing and mission of the young trendy fashion line. I found that the Diane von Furstenberg wordmark displayed the modern and overlt feminie image of the brand. The text on the bottom has serifs, giving the DVF symbol look more orante and fminie. However, the font on the bottom is “san serif”, moern, and a great companion of the font above. Both of these wordmarks relfevt the meaning.












Finally as my unsuccesful wordmark, I chose the citzens of humanity brand. This modern jean brand is famous for its luxury jeans and well fit denim. However, I felt that the water mark in the background competed with the hard to read cursave typface. The watermark in the back is also so unclear that my eye was competing with the typeface int he fron to try to decode to water mark. In realty my eye should be taken directly to the citizens of humaity brand.-Victoria Troxler



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