The good, the bad, and the wordmarks.

I don’t like the Magnolia wordmark. The typeface was difficult to read, and the kerning seemed strange to me. Also, referencing the principal of similarity again, the smaller type as well as lines separating the words underneath made them seem too different from the actual wordmark. There’s just too much going on, and it doesn’t flow.

I don’t like the One2Love wordmark either. By just glancing at the image, I didn’t immediately understand the name. The creative typeface may have grabbed my attention, but it didn’t keep it.  an image almost has to have isomorphic correspondence to be instantly recognizable, like Coca-Cola, and One2Love isn’t well known enough yet to have such a convoluted wordmark. I did, however, like the idea of putting the “2” horizontally instead of vertically. The principle of similarity underneath Gestalt tells us that we naturally group things, so making the “2” face a different direction helped break up the words.

I do like the Killed wordmark. It’s very typeface is very simple, but the image sort of embodies the meaning. It’s kind of like visual onomatopoeia.

I also like the snooze wordmark. Once again the typeface seems to exemplify the meaning. It makes me think of taking notes in class when I’m sleepy or dozing off because the ends of the words are always messier and longer. Also, the continuation of the “e” draws my eye toward the rest of the wordmark.

Christina Sterbenz

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