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As an advertising major I think, or at least hope, I am able to recognize whether a great idea comes remains great after execution. But I never realized there was such a “science” (for lack of a better word) as to how to position the words, and even each space and letter. Obviously I knew if you bolded or underlined something, it would stand out against the rest, now I realize its not as simple as Microsoft Word makes it. “You can express the meaning of  a word or an idea through the spacing, sizing, and placement of letters on the page” (Lupton 106). The fact that you can alter one letter, or one word on a page and change what the viewer takes away from it. Going back to what I said before about it being a science, I think it is both a science and art, and in order to be successful graphically is to have an understanding of how the human mind perceives what we see. The context and the idea behind the message must all be considered when “thinking with type”, everything has to have a reason for being and looking like it does, it can’t just look pretty. It needs to be memorable, and easy to look at.


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