reading response

I really enjoyed reading (and hearing in lecture) about mixing typefaces. This is an excellent example of something I never thought about before taking this course. As a casual observer, one might notice when two typefaces do not go particularly well together, but for the most part, people do not stop to appreciate the subtlety and cleanness of two complimentary typefaces. The book talks about types as having “textures”. When I first read that, I thought to myself that does not make sense, type is two-dimensional. Then I really started to look and suddenly I could appreciate what the author was talking about. This passage in the reading became especially relevant the more I worked on my resume. Originally, I had selected a typeface for my word mark that contained only one font. This presented a challenge, because it meant my complimentary typeface would have to do most of the work. I looked through the textbook for examples of versatile types, and it definitely showed me a variety of options.

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