Response to Reading

I’m really enjoying reading our book as graphics and looking at type is so new to me. Before this class, I never really realized how typography is everywhere. In newspapers, magazines and even on television, I never noticed how important captions are. When doing our reading, I learned how the placement, styles, and typefaces of captions can affect the readers experience as well as impact the page layout so much. It is true that if captions are very important to the content, they should be placed closer to the picture than not because its much more welcoming to the reader. I also thought it was so interesting to read about hierachy, something we touched on in class as well. When content becomes complex, hierarchy becomes very important. If hierarchy is clearly organized, readers can follow on a more consistant basis. In class, we discussed how our eyes are much more attracted to the space above the fold and that we read from the top left to the bottom right. This all ties in together.

– Elizabeth Schoenbach

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